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6 Capricorn Season Dates That Close Out 2020 On A Powerful Note

6 Capricorn Season Dates That Close Out 2020 On A Powerful Note

You made it this far. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Hell, even pat yourself on the back. This year has not been an easy task for anyone and that is an understatement. There are no words that can accurately articulate the far-reaching loss that we have experienced as a collective and as an individual. But when we complete 2020 we will leave some of the most dramatic transits behind us. Sure, 2021 will bring some surprises and challenges for us, but the astrological alignments of 2020 have been rare and unprecedented. The last time the Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurred in Capricorn in January was 1518.

As a collective, we look forward to a sigh of relief and a break. Capricorn season will bring us just that. We will finally say goodbye to Mars in Aries, which has been sneaking around on this sign since the end of June. We have the beginning of a new era heralded by a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius as these two social planets move slowly and rarely synchronize. This is the first time in 200 years that these conjunctions have occurred in air signs. The signature of the air sign is sure to usher in a new era with a shift from material to spirit.

December 21st – Jupiter in Aquarius connects Saturn in Aquarius

Jupiter and Saturn work in a 20-year cycle. What’s the big deal with this conjunction? It’s been 200 years since these two slow moving planets were connected in air signs (albeit a brief meeting under Libra in 1980). Jupiter brings optimism and growth, and Saturn provides structure and commitment to get the job done. This energy is strong and promising to begin a new cycle for yourself. Saturn will provide Jupiter with the discipline to see things through to the end, while Jupiter will remind Saturn that it is okay to accept the joy along the way. Find 0 degrees in Aquarius on your birth certificate – that is the area of ​​your life that is ready for a reset.

December 29th – Cancer full moon

Finally a friendly full moon in Cancer! For much of 2020 when the Moon was in Cancer, it had to grapple with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This full moon occurs at the beginning of Cancer, before the moon is plagued by Saturn’s disappointments and Pluto’s intensity. As part of its configuration, the moon will harmonize with Uranus in Taurus, inviting change, but in a peaceful and manageable way. This weirdness about cancer reminds us that self-care should be a daily practice and that sometimes rest is the best way to recharge yourself. Finish this year with some self-care and remember that you should make yourself a priority.

January 4th – Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

While Pluto is often referred to as the planet of death and destruction, it is important to realize how it is these cathartic moments that transform us and make rebirth possible. When Mercury, the planet of our mind and thought process, meets Pluto, we question what we thought we knew. This is one aspect of mental cleansing. The release of past ideologies and thought processes creates space for growth and progress. While we may sort through some heavier topics and memories, just be gentle with yourself and trust the process.

January 6th – Mars enters Taurus

It’s true, Mars doesn’t exactly enjoy being in Taurus. But do you know how we will all benefit together? A break from the six-month Mars marathon with the sign of Aries. In the second half of 2020, we had to accept a particularly long Mars transit due to its regression. As we start the New Year and make our way through the Capricorn season, that fresh energy invites us to slow down. It is time to be thoughtful and mindful of our decisions. Mars in Taurus reminds us that running to the finish line is not the only way to win.

January 11th – Mercury in Aquarius connects Jupiter in Aquarius

What do you think about it? As Mercury, the planet of communication and learning, meets Jupiter, the planet of happiness, abundance and growth, the sky is the limit. It will be difficult for us to see our limits and limitations under this planetary influence. And what is a better time to reach our true potential? This connection is a positive influence that encourages us to think outside the box and get on with ideas


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