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Aries – April 2022 Monthly Love Horoscope

The sun sizzles in your hot sign early this month, creating a passionate vibe you thrive in. Your confidence attracts new people and turns on a current or potential lover. How are you so sure of yourself, Aries? Seems like you were just born this way.

When your powerful leader Mars forms a conjunction to strong-willed Saturn in anarchist Aquarius on April 4, you’re determined to make waves for all the wrong reasons. Why rock the boat when nothing’s wrong? Just wanting to see what happens when you create a little chaos isn’t a good enough reason to actually do it.

Your extreme behavior is tamed somewhat when motivated Mars moves into gentle idealist Pisces on the fourteenth, so try to take advantage of what this subtle pairing can offer you about self-healing. You don’t always have be fighting for something. This transit is a reminder to trust your inner voice when trying to figure out what you truly need to be happier.

As the sun exits your assertive sign for patient Taurus on April 19, you start to slow down and appreciate things for how they are instead of how you want them to be. If you’re putting in the work to improve your love life, it will happen. Eventually. And you’re okay with that for now.

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