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Pisces – April 2022 Monthly Love Horoscope

Absorb as much of the confidence coming off the strong Aries sun early this month as you possible can. Your love life thrives when you act more daring and take more risks, Pisces! Someday you’ll look back at some of these moments and be incredibly proud of yourself for stepping outside your comfort zone and going for it.

Romantic Venus leaves intellectual Aquarius to pair with your emotional sign on April 5, putting you under a hypnotic love spell. If you’re single, you daydream about falling in love. If you’re already in love, you have visions of living happily ever after with your soul mate by your side. People can try to rain on your parade, but your head is too high up in the fluffy clouds to be affected by any negativity during this starry-eyed transit.

There’s an optimistic conjunction between lucky Jupiter and your home planet Neptune in your imaginative sign on the twelfth, bringing happiness your way when you open yourself up to personal growth experiences. This is an excellent time to get a synastry love report, talk to a psychic about your love life, or do some deep spiritual meditation.

When forceful Mars hooks up with your gentle sign on April 14, you’re able to move mountains in very subtle ways. Your compassionate and empathetic approach to life is your most attractive quality. Others are drawn to your kindness.

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