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Cancer – April 2022 Monthly Love Horoscope

Ready to have something to look forward to, Cancer? The hot Aries new moon on April 1 has you covered! Filled with confidence, passion, and a daredevil attitude, this lunation lifts you to a whole other level of “yes, I can.”

Information and tech guru Mercury leaves spontaneous Aries and enters patient Taurus on the tenth, so you won’t be in such a hurry to make instant connections with people. If your current partner doesn’t immediately return your text or you don’t get a DM back right away from the influencer you’re crushing on, keep calm and just carry on.

As the deep-feeling moon, your leader, turns full in the lovely sign of Libra on April 16, you seek balance and equality in all of your close relationships. If you’ve been carrying more than your own weight in a relationship or pursuing someone without much of a response lately, take a step back. You deserve to get as much as you give.

A brief but romantic Venus-Neptune conjunction in caring Pisces on the twenty-seventh is just what your love life needs to end the month on an upbeat note. Everything seems a little more possible now, doesn’t it? Maybe dreams do come true.

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