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Leo – April 2022 Monthly Love Horoscope

You’re all about getting right to the point as your bold leader sun spends time in direct fire sign Aries. Like, why pretend you don’t have feelings for someone when you really do, right? And vice versa.

And a sun-Mercury conjunction in outspoken Aries on April 2 really helps you drive home that point. Your confidence in not only what you have to say but how you’re willing to say it is obvious. If you have to post your feelings across several different platforms to get your point across, you’ll gladly do it. Attention, in whatever form it comes, is 100 percent welcome during this bold cosmic meetup.

A sun-Saturn sextile shows up on the twelfth, giving your love life direction and helping you focus on some serious topics. If your recent antics have gotten you in hot water with your current partner or ruined your chances with a crush, this is the aspect that can help you get back on track. And showing that you’re genuinely committed to making improvements is the first step, Leo.

The sun leaves impromptu Aries for steady earth sign Taurus on April 19, giving you the reliability that you’ve been lacking lately. Stick with a new or crumbling relationship even though you have questions about it. Perseverance pays off in the long run.

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