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Virgo – April 2022 Monthly Love Horoscope

The urge to get out of your rut, er, routine is great while your witty leader Mercury is partnered with friendly, original thinker Aquarius early in April. Get out of your comfort zone and send an unexpected text to a crush, or surprise your partner with a public poetry reading describing your feelings for them. Anything out of the ordinary works to your advantage now, Virgo.

A direct Mercury-Mars sextile on April 8 speeds up your thought processes while promoting honesty and taking the initiative. Making the first move or bringing up a touchy topic of discussion can be nerve-wracking even if you’ve been with someone for a while, but this rapid-paced aspect is behind that kind of effort 100 percent.

Lovely Venus-ruled Libra contributes her charming energy to the full moon on the sixteenth, which helps you appreciate what you currently have. For once you aren’t thinking about what your love life is lacking, but rather you’re thankful for what you’ve been able to attract. Enjoy the feeling of this abundance-promoting lunation throughout the month.

Mental Mercury leaves grounded Taurus for adaptable Gemini on April 29, helping you think on your toes and easily talk to just about anyone about just about anything. You aren’t usually great at making small talk, but this transit has some undeniable BFE (big flirt energy)!

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