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Scorpio – April 2022 Monthly Love Horoscope

There’s a new moon in fiery Aries right away on April 1 that gets the ball rolling in your love life. Your usual patience is tested now, and you become a lot more extroverted than normal. Make your big move now, Scorpio. Quick! Before you lose your nerve!

The fourth produces a bothersome Mars-Saturn conjunction in freedom-seeking Aquarius that could have you torn between what you really want to do and something else you know you should. Responsibilities are a bitch, especially when they get in the way of a satisfying love life. Long-term consequences aren’t really on your radar now, but maybe they should be.

There’s an uncertain square between communicative Mercury and mysterious Pluto, your other co-ruler, on April 10 that can get in the way of you getting to know someone new or deepening the bond between you and a current partner. What do you gain by trying to hide how you truly feel? If you can’t find a way to be more open, this might not work.

When mighty Mars finally leaves airy Aquarius for kindred water sign Pisces on the fourteenth, you feel more comfortable surrounded by this introverted energy. Take the next several weeks to do some serious self-reflection. It’s good for the soul.

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