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Aquarius February 2018 Love Horoscope

Aquarius February 2018 Love Horoscope

This is your month to shine, oh lover of brotherhood and humanity – the time every year when you begin your journey of life all over again. Take time to love and appreciate you for a change, before you go out and enhance the quality of life for everyone else with Venus, the planet of love, entering your sign on the 2nd. Appreciate your unique way of looking at the world and your desires to make changes that benefit all.

At the New Moon in Aquarius on the 8th, plant seeds to have the courage to revolutionize your life so that it reflects your one-of-a-kind nature. Before you can make the dreams for a better world come true, it’s important to know what makes you happy. You function best in communities where everyone is encouraged to be who they really are. If you’re not part of one, use this New Moon energy to create one.

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