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Aries May 2022 Horoscope

Aries May 2022 Horoscope

With the sun moving through your money zone since April 19, you’ve been focused on pinpointing income-boosting endeavors that feel like they’re actually worth your time and energy. You’re realizing more and more just how imperative it is to work with people who understand — and value — what you bring to the table. Thankfully, you’ll be even more capable of charming others with your fired-up, go-getter approach while social Venus, the planet of relationships, moves through your sign from May 2 to 28. Just make sure you’re double-checking emails before sending them and keeping close tabs on your bank account while messenger Mercury is retrograde in your communication zone from May 10 to 22 and then your money zone from the 22nd to June 3.

Around May 16, when the lunar eclipse and full moon hits your intimacy zone, it could be time to grapple head-on with anything — or anyone — compromising your sense of security and comfort. It might be time to have a tough talk about money with a significant other or business partner, given that this eclipse season is lighting up the axis that oversees your values and joint resources. However this moment shakes out, you can look forward to a surge of energy and ambition, thanks to your ruling planet, assertive Mars, moving through your sign from May 24 to July 5.


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