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August 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

August 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

And here we are in August. This month is one of those months Astrologers were all at the edge of their seats in anticipation. This is because the month starts big and continues to expand, initiating a journey that’s likely to last all the way to 2023. Up until this point, we’ve had most of the significant transits of 2022 happen already, so some of us might’ve settled into what feels like stability, but before we get too excited, there’s one last shake-up before things start to drop.

If you read last months’ horoscope, you already know about the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Node that slowly intensified as the month progressed. On the other hand, August starts with such a transit, and fortunately, it doesn’t take too long for it to fizzle out. In other words, most of the work was already done in July. It’s all about dealing with the aftermath of it all. I tried to save for this month’s forecast what such transit could actually bring in the global sphere.

August is not the month to make final decisions. Study your field and your options, especially those related to where you store and secure your valuables. And please do note that, sometimes, what is comfortable and known might not be the best option. Who’s ready for a change?


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