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Aries – 2022 August Montly Love Horoscope

You want to break out and do your own thing during the explosively independent Mars-Uranus conjunction on August 1, so Rams in relationships might be struggling with your relationship status. Singles Aries, feel free to experiment with all things.

Your power planet Mars uncomfortably squares reliable Saturn on the seventh, making you feel like everything you’re doing (or want to do) is wrong. You can try to be productive in your love life now, but most romantic moves could end in frustration. You aren’t a sign who likes to just sit back and wait for things to happen, Aries, but that might be best until this frustrating energy passes.

You love making over-the-top romantic gestures as lovely Venus aligns herself with the outgoing fire sign Leo on August 11, so whether you’ve been with someone forever or are trying to make a good impression on someone new, the next few weeks are sure to be memorable.

When domineering Mars makes its way into less power-hungry Gemini on the twentieth, you’re interested in diversifying. If you’re in a committed relationship, find ways to satisfy your curiosity about your partner. If you’re single, expand your dating profile to include new types of people you haven’t really dated before. Variety is key.

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