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Aquarius – 2022 August Montly Love Horoscope

There’s a meeting of some pretty powerful planetary minds when intense Mars meets up with your rebellious home planet Uranus in resolute Taurus on August 1. There’s no confusion about what you want now, and you’re only interested in being with people who accept you for who you are. Make it clear that your love life is a strict “no BS” zone.

A tense square between forceful Mars and determined Saturn in your airy sign on the seventh brings out your hidden frustrations and can cause you to project them onto innocent bystanders. When you don’t know who you can trust during this aspect, you tend to push for the truth even harder, which only brings more disappointment when a current or potential partner won’t give in.

Your strong independent spirit shines during the full moon in your free-thinking sign on August 11, so single Aquarians match well with airy Geminis or other offbeat Water Bearers during this freethinking lunation. If you’re in a committed relationship, with any luck you’re with someone who celebrates your fierce commitment to taking the road less traveled.

You’ll be seeking comfort and/or confirmation from the people who matter most while asteroid Vesta is retrograde this whole month. And when she backs up into your own sign on the twenty-first, it’s a cosmic sign to reconsider the love conventions you’ve been struggling against. Are you really that big of a rebel? Maybe the consequences for creating your own rules have led to more loss than you realize.

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