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Cancer – 2022 August Montly Love Horoscope

Love goddess Venus is in your emotional, caring sign to start the month, and a Venus-Uranus sextile on August 2 makes it easy to fall in love with someone you’ve known forever and are comfortable with. Adding romance to the mix is just a pleasant surprise.

Also that day, there’s a Venus-Mars sextile that enhances the passionate energy and helps create an epic romantic mood. This helps both single Crabs trying to take things to the next level, as well as long-term partners who need that extra little boost to keep things fresh.

Your lovely leader moon is full and accompanied by freedom-seeking Aquarius on the eleventh, which is a sign to leave in the past romantic situations that aren’t working for you anymore. Life is too short to be tied down in a bad relationship (or holding on to painful memories), Cancer. Say goodbye to toxicity and hello to a more emotionally healthy you.

Hot summer romances are fun and all, but it’s time to get back to real life as the bright sun leaves dramatic Leo for practical Virgo on August 22. But don’t worry. If you and your partner got to enjoy some amazing vacation sex, or you’re single and had some super-fiery hookups, at least you’ll always have those memories!

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