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Libra – 2022 August Montly Love Horoscope

Love-focused Venus is in emotional water sign Cancer during her sextile to platonic Uranus on August 2, making this a good time to combine romance and friendship. If you’ve put someone (or someone has put you) in the friend zone, it’s time to give it another chance. Looking at things from a different perspective could change everything.

Passionate Venus moves into fiery Leo on the eleventh, so love is daring and fun over the coming weeks. Committed Libras, this is a great time to express yourself! Let your partner know why you’re so sure that they’re the one. Single Libras, you’re looking good and feeling confident. Make your move.

When planetary power player Mars leaves patient Taurus and moves into restless, curious fellow air sign Gemini on August 20, you have lots of reasons to follow your desires. This can have varying results depending on your relationship status, but the heart wants what it wants. This isn’t a time to limit yourself or hold back.

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