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Scorpio – 2022 August Montly Love Horoscope

With your emotional home co-planet Mars meeting up with intelligent Uranus in logical earth sign Taurus on August 1, your month gets off to a slightly unbalanced start. Your urge is to follow your heart, but there are so many signs pointing you toward being practical. The struggle is real, Scorpio.

On the seventh, a frustrating Mars-Saturn square makes you feel like forces you can’t see are conspiring against you, which can create some real chaos in your love life. Avoid engaging in important conversations and making major decisions until you have a better handle on what’s actually going on.

Romantic options are everywhere during the sensual Mars-Neptune sextile on August 11, but you love to play hard to get. Your mysterious allure pulls people toward you, but you’re extremely picky about the ones you say yes to. A current partner or lover finds you irresistible, but you will probably tease them for a little while before you give them what they want.

You have a hard time maintaining your focus for very long when Mars moves into flighty Gemini on the twentieth, which is so unlike you. This distracted state could definitely cause issues with a current partner or someone you’re trying to get to know better. And because this partnership lasts through the end of the year, be prepared for this to be a recurring theme in your love life. Ugh.

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