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Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

Aries Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

As stress begins to rise with the ongoing Saturn-Uranus retrograde square, you could struggle to see some value in your professional communities and dreams. It could be difficult for you to envision the potential success of your future at this time, Aries. Luckily, Venus is still conjunct Pluto in your professional sector of career and accomplishments. So, while the future might be difficult for you to imagine, your immediate professional progress is apparent! You could even be recognized in your industry or field for a recent feat now more than ever.

Taurus Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

Saturn’s square with Uranus retrograde has begun to unfold, indicating mounting professional stress. Taurus, you might have to expand beyond your comfort zone to make progress in your career path. As you adjust, it could be easier to stomach change, as Venus continues to conjunct Pluto in your sector of experiences and higher education. You might realize that the first stepping stone towards success in your career is challenging yourself to learn something new. Taking a small step toward a new or different experience could mediate the square!

Gemini Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

As you are pushed to consider expanding upon your comfort zone thanks to the square between Saturn and Uranus retrograde, you might feel a sense of relief from Venus conjunct Pluto. Gemini, as you consider your next step, your sense of professional transformation is underfoot. You could see that investing in structure, discipline, and honing your leadership capabilities will pay off. So, consider seeking out an experience where you can show off what you have transformed as a result of the conjunction. You never know how far you have come unless you push yourself to test it!

Cancer Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

Figuring out what dreams and communities to invest in is tricky as Saturn’s square with Uranus retrograde continues. Luckily, you might feel or see immediate relief from Venus conjunct Pluto in your sector of professional commitments, relationships, and contracts. Cancer, focus on how well your ongoing professional commitments are going today. Consider what partners bring to the table or what agreements are professionally progressive. Whatever seems to be working, this could be what you should consider investing in to mediate that ongoing square! As a result, you might already know what to further commit your time, money, and energy to.

Leo Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

Making long-term commitments to a unique business proposal, partner, or offer could be difficult as the Saturn-Uranus retrograde continues to unfold. But current events at your job might be positive, as Venus continues to conjunct Pluto in your sector of routine and work. Leo, you could be particularly pleased with how your job is going as it positively transforms. The conjunction is somewhat stable—thanks to the earthy nature of it—but likely implies that your popularity is rising at work. You might feel empowered by your supportive coworkers, which can calm your nerves about the ongoing square.

Virgo Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

Despite the tension of figuring out your next professional move under the Saturn-square, Uranus-retrograde transit, you might find inspiration from Venus conjunct Pluto! Virgo, as the conjunction continues, your sector of creativity and self-expression has blossomed throughout the week. You could have a passion project or way to express yourself at work, which is a perfect starting point to find inspiration to mediate the square. As a result, opportunities will begin to come your way, which could shape the direction you want your job to go in.

Libra Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

Libra, as you continue to work through the Saturn-Uranus retrograde square, you should consider what would be worth your time at work. Saturn is trying to bring structure to your sector of creativity and self-expression, encouraging a responsible structure for your artistic vision to shine in your work. Meanwhile, Uranus retrograde is reconsidering the potential value of your investments, but this might be skewed as Uranus can lead to new endeavors. The square encourages you to consider all opportunities with your joint professional investments and to be prepared for any outcome!

Scorpio Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

As Saturn continues to square Uranus retrograde, there could be tension mediating your professional relationships and commitments. Scorpio, it could already be stressful maintaining your work-life balance as a result of this square. However, because Venus is still conjunct to Pluto, your sector of communication is impressively compelling. While it might be stressful to maneuver the square, the conjunction can help you speak up to ask for help or delegate easily at work. If help is offered, take them up on their offer! You do not have to do this alone.

Sagittarius Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

Hopefully, the ongoing conjunction between Venus and Pluto has been paying off this week, Sagittarius! The earthy, capitalist conjunction has been transiting your sector of finances and value. You could even potentially see an increase in your pay, perhaps by working overtime or making more money than usual. A bonus could even be in order! If you have negotiated your pay, then this conjunct can help you successfully get a raise. Your contributions to work are also highly valued at this time, perhaps associated with a monetary incentive or words of praise.

Capricorn Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

Despite the potential clash of value that could be rising with Saturn square Uranus retrograde, you could feel some relief, thanks to Venus conjunct Pluto in your sign. Capricorn, you might have had a stronger presence at work than usual this week. Others could have turned to you more for guidance, or maybe you’ve been trusted with special tasks. Supervisors could have also empowered you with kind words of praise. Showing off your style could have also been the talk of your workplace, as you could have upped your professional wardrobe.

Aquarius Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

Aquarius, how do you value yourself in the workplace? Although Saturn square Uranus retrograde is stressful to navigate, it can be quite important when it comes to recognizing what skills and vision you can bring to your workplace. As you work through the square, you will be compelled to take a hard look at your professionalism. Do you present yourself authentically at work? Do you feel valued for who you are at your job? Consider these questions as the square pushes you to professionally mature throughout the rest of December!

Pisces Daily Career Horoscope – December 17, 2021

Pisces, as Venus continues to conjunct Pluto in your sector of community and dreams, you could enjoy connecting with individuals more in your professional network. You might find that you and other unexpected colleagues share similar professional interests. If someone makes it known that they enjoy the same aspects as you do or share a similar vision, reach out to them! You could form a valuable, transformative connection because of a common interest in your field or industry. As a result, others in your field might take your professional dreams more seriously when you connect and express interest.


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