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Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

Aries Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

It is time to break away from the earthy energy as the moon leaves practical Virgo for your opposite sign, Libra, today. Aries, your attention will turn towards your commitments as the lunation unfolds in social Libra. New or old, you may feel inclined to strike up a conversation with your colleagues, clients, or partners. Libra’s social energy can be perfect for reciprocating rapport at work. When you are not busy chatting it up, you may feel pulled towards your documents. Lawful Luna may entice you to consider re-reading the fine print in your agreements and contracts.

Taurus Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

Rise and grind, Taurus. The moon has left Virgo for Libra, giving you a boost of momentum in your daily sector of work and routine. Although Libra can be indecisive energy, it is still cardinal so that you can take the lead with professional matters. Consider defining a few necessary to-dos on your checklist to make the most of the lunar energy. Then take action with Luna’s guidance to get your work done. As a result, you may feel at peace after knocking out a few pressing projects or obligations.

Gemini Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

The restlessness from being in a square with the moon in Virgo alleviates today as the moon enters Libra. Now, your sign is trine to the lunation, which is perfect for brainstorming. Gemini, you could be notably interested in your professional style, brand, or signature. Creative projects or a side hustle that you feel passionate about will also come up! Venusian Luna is ready to add a goddess-like flair to your professional process. It can be the perfect lunation to add a little spice at work. Who knows, you may even feel extra flirty with your work crush, too!

Cancer Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

Time to attend to your home, Cancer. Your planetary ruler, the moon, is now in cardinal Libra, which shines a light on the potential imbalances in your home life. Instead of chipping away at your professional duties, you may feel called to work on your domestic duties instead. Harmony-seeking Luna is encouraging you to prioritize your “life” out of your work-life balance. Use the lunar energy to chip away at your home projects so that you feel more aligned in your private life. As a result, you may feel better about your professional life when everything is balanced.

Leo Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

Talk it out, Leo! The cosmos has given you much to consider about work and money from the last few days. So, as the moon enters Libra, you may be considering whether you should address what is on your mind. You could be going back and forth for many reasons, but confrontation may hold you back. As you think about your options, you should write a pros and cons list of what would happen if you said something. You could also roleplay what you would say at work to get an idea of how to facilitate the conversation.

Virgo Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

As the moon leaves your sign, you may feel less self-critical and self-conscious at work. However, as it enters Libra today, you could become more focused on your money, budgeting, and value. Virgo, is it time to balance your books? Check your bank accounts as well as your income-to-debt ratio today to figure out how you can better budget your paychecks. You may even feel called to talk about it, so this may be with a financial advisor or even your boss if you feel asking about the possibilities of getting a raise.

Libra Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

The focus is now on you as the moon is in your sign today! Libra, what can you do to feel more self-assured in your workplace? Ideally, you want to be liked by your coworkers, have peaceful relationships, and maybe do something a little creatively if possible. The lunation does draw your perception and position to the forefront of your focus today. It may feel a little self-conscious at first but could be ideal for finding confidence with how you show up at work. To feel extra confident, wear your favorite professional accessory that makes you feel great!

Scorpio Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

As the moon leaves Virgo for Libra, you may feel less extroverted and more introverted today. Scorpio, the lunar energy highlights your subconscious sector of hidden talents and weaknesses. You may feel notably indecisive today despite knowing you want to take action. The lunation will desire initiation — but not without approval. You could also wonder how you can infuse your work-life with a little more peace, beauty, and connectedness. Find inspiration in Venus and tap into the light attributes of the lunar energy to work with your colleagues to create something magical.

Sagittarius Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

The tension alleviates as the moon leaves Virgo for Libra, which shifts your focus from your career to your network. Sagittarius, if you have grand plans for hitting wondrous milestones in your professional journey then you may need a helping hand to get there. Social butterfly Luna can assist with connecting you to your greater community today. You may feel inclined to reach out to colleagues on and offline as each connection could present the perfect venture that is aligned with your career path. But you may never know until you say, “hello!”

Capricorn Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

This likely goes without saying given who you are, but it is time to heavily focus on your career path. Capricorn, the moon is now in Libra which highlights your sector of not only your career but also accomplishments and public image. Whenever the moon is in this sector, you may suddenly become notorious in your industry or field. You may be recognized for Libra’s ideals of beauty, justice, peace, connectedness, art, and money, especially through socially prominent relationships. Aside from this, the lunar energy could pull you in opposite directions as you may be unsure of what to do next.

Aquarius Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

What motivates you to reach new professional milestones, Aquarius? With the moon being in a fellow air sign, Libra, you may become fixated on the journey ahead. Your education, ideologies, explorations, and even travels could inspire the next step in your career. For some, this may be the incentive to consider schooling to progress in your career seriously. For others, consider this your sign to explore new physical and professional terrain to move forward in your journey. With Libra in mind, you may find professional inspiration from aspects like law, fashion, justice, art, beauty, and relationships.

Pisces Daily Career Horoscope – January 22, 2022

It may be time to retreat to reflect on your options, Pisces. The moon has left Virgo for Libra, which gives you food for thought. The last few days could have been focused on what commitments and partners are worth your time. Now, the lunation is asking you what is worth the investment. Ideally, you want to invite a reciprocal partnership that can become fiscally fortuitous. But the lunation is indecisive, so you may go back and forth about what to progress with. If it helps, write down a pros and cons list for each opportunity to organize your thoughts.


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