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Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

Aries Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

Lean into inspiration and out of arguing, Aries. Conversations are bound to take off as Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries, creating a clash between strong water and fire energy. This square may lead to two plausible manifestations. You might notice that inspiration is immense, especially when considering the work you could do even from home or what you could nurture in your career. However, the square could present a moment of tension, especially if you feel strongly about something said or done at work. Try to maneuver these strong feelings with grace instead of reactivity!

Taurus Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

Pay attention to how your underlying perceptions play a part in your conversation, Taurus. You should consider how your hidden talents, weaknesses, and views could come out in conversation as Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter is expanding upon such hidden aspects with force, so you should be careful as to how it may come out while interacting with other coworkers. It could lead to immense inspiration, encouraging your coworkers to share their grand ideas and beliefs. But it could lead to an emotionally charged interaction, so tread lightly!

Gemini Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

How can you expand upon the value of your ideas, Gemini? Inspiration to secure your assets or make money through a new development may come up as Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries. However, the square may struggle with seeing a clear direction to expand upon such notions, so you may have an initial issue of forming a game plan to secure the bag. Luckily, you could use the square to talk to others in your field. Receiving feedback, insight, or advice can play a crucial part in your success.

Cancer Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

A moment of tension could lead to immense inspiration for your career path, Cancer! As Mercury in your sign squares Jupiter in Aries, some larger-than-life leadership qualities are coming through. You might feel initially tense, almost like you have to leap up and do something to further your career right now! But the square stresses the importance of following your intuition and instincts promptly. Instead of jumping the gun on the first opportunity to advance your career, take a moment to consider alternative options that might be even more fulfilling.

Leo Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

New ideas are forming suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere as Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries. Luckily, your underlying thought processes are playing a significant role in the expansion of your career. Leo, your hidden talents and inspirations have the opportunity to explode with enthusiasm today during the square! It may begin as a moment of tension as you think about your next move to further your career. But the breakthrough from this tension will be abrupt. Your insight about your professional journey and development might even surprise you!

Virgo Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

Where could your dreams lead to, Virgo? As a smart, Mercurial sign, you probably have an idea or two that could be highly lucrative. However, you may experience an initial block when Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries today. It could feel like you are searching for the right plan, connection, opportunity, or outlet to begin expanding upon your aspiration. But the luck of Jupiter will force its way through as your intuition and instincts will play a significant role in the investment of your dreams. Keeping an open mind may lead to something spectacular!

Libra Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

Speak up with assertion, Libra! Typically, you tend to be somewhat passive as you like to be on board with everyone else at work. But this may not be the case today since Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries. You could feel more outspoken than usual, especially since the square feels emotionally reactive and inspired. So, you may find yourself taking a stand with your colleagues, clients, and business partners. It could be related to nurturing your career path or even an accomplishment that could be nurtured through commitment.

Scorpio Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

New ideas could cause significant waves, Scorpio. Your mind will pop off when Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries. The intuitive aspect of Mercury and the instinctual aspect of Jupiter come together in a dynamic duo manner, encouraging you to look toward new professional horizons. At first, the square may feel like a mental roadblock when you look at your job. But suddenly, the explosive expansiveness comes together serendipitously as you will have the insight you need to move forward in your work-life. Are you ready for your work to take off?

Sagittarius Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

Are you looking for your next idea to invest in, Sagittarius? You may feel creatively blocked at the beginning of the square between Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter in Aries. But as you attack your problem of creativity, the square will eventually lessen into inspiration. Your mind will expand with new possibilities as the square leads to various new passion projects to begin investing in. When inspiration strikes, so do power and control. Expect to feel exceptionally empowered by your never-ending creativity that keeps your work alive.

Capricorn Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

Set those boundaries, Capricorn. Today, Mercury in your opposite sign, Cancer, squares Jupiter in Aries, implying an expanding conversation about commitments and relationships. You could use this energy to talk to those you work with, as it can help you figure out how to establish your standards, boundaries, and expectations to ensure a healthy work-life balance. Likewise, this energy can be applied to personal relationships that may impact the flow of your work life. Regardless, the square’s initial comment can lead to a larger conversation about what you need in your work-life balance.

Aquarius Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

Try to alleviate any moments of tension with encouragement, Aquarius. Coworkers may have opposing or clashing ideas in discussion at work today when Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries. Instead of taking a determined, defensive stance with this square, try to lean into the instinctual and intuitive aspect of it to work through the square’s communicative stressors. Once you and your colleagues get past any initial hump, you may find that the various opinions are not so different after all, especially if there is a common goal between colleagues.

Pisces Daily Career Horoscope – July 9, 2022

Fight for your worth, Pisces! Usually, you are a soft-spoken water sign, but you may feel differently as Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries. The square implies that you may feel so strongly that it results in an assertive conversation. You are a creative person, someone who is attuned to the dedication of their work and vision. So, this will likely result in strong conversations as you will want your colleagues to respect the value of your passion. Taking a stand can do wonders for the security of your work!


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