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Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019

Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019
You might discover internal resources you never knew you had. You may attempt to convince someone to join in your pursuits today, even if that means having them simply tag along with you on a spontaneous adventure. If the project is more serious in nature, try to keep your desire to control in balance with other peoples ability to add creative direction. At the very least, their contributions show you where you are already on the right path. Radical ideas provide fresh inspiration.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019
You clip along at a pleasant pace. You transition from task to task in your dependable manner, except something is different today. A dream image lingers too long in your periphery. You might cut the tension with an act of boldness that takes you by surprise. You shake something loose inside your subconscious that begs for your attention now. Spend time giving some form to these unprocessed ideas while your mind is drifting between these two worlds. Entrepreneur Peter Diamandis said, The day before something is a breakthrough, its a crazy idea.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019
Everyone appears ready to fervently argue their point today. You cannot seem to avoid these spats, no matter how much you may try to keep your cool. One way to turn down the heat is to adopt the spirit of play. When you come from a place of testing ideas out, rather than fighting tooth and nail, you can learn how to strengthen your own arguments and tune into someone elses point of view. Healthy debate is productive and enriching for all parties involved. Experimentation and exploration cultivate a sense of team spirit.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019
A long-forgotten scenario in your public life rears its head again and catches you off balance. This uncomfortable situation begs to be dealt with once and for all. Thankfully, unexpected allies are on board to support you and smooth out the discomfort. Facing the issue head-on enables you to establish more harmony in your daily affairs. You demonstrate real courage when youre willing to accept responsibility for your previous actions and work toward resolution. Adversity is the real-world university of champions.

Leo Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019
Longing for a specific outcome becomes its own kind of fuel. It is amazing when an absence becomes so present in your imagination. When your mind and heart are in the right place, your drive is unstoppable. If you give in to the momentum, the flow almost guides your goal to you effortlessly. Step out of your own way and follow the current. What serendipity leads you to discover may be more magnificent than you can even imagine. Dream big or go home.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019
Electrifying visions of the future stimulate you to collaborate with a few of your peers. The buzz cements symbiotic connections as you work toward a common goal. If you emerge as a leader of the pack, take care that you dedicate an equal proportion of your energy to your home team. Your foundations seem to compete with your ambitions today. Thankfully, the tensions will resolve themselves without need for intervention. Stay centered in your true values and radiate your purpose from there.

Libra Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019
You command attention and turn many heads today. As your work in the world shifts to a new octave, your vision for the future adjusts, and the legacy you leave behind follows suit. You carefully tend your public role with thoughtful intention. However, cultivating your professional relationships can soak up a great deal of your time. Reevaluate your priorities, concentrate on the direction you would most like to go, and gently release some of the less-aligned pursuits. Action brings clarity, so maintain your dynamism as you realign yourself.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019
The veil between your subconscious and conscious mind grows thinner today. Others reflect aspects of yourself back to you as you reflect on your deepest desires. If you watch for the clues, you may be astonished by what your companions reveal to you now. Stay receptive to the feedback the world is sending you. You are being given a rare opportunity to glimpse your own blind spots. If you begin to integrate some of what you learn, you can embark on a journey to genuine wholeness. Eckhart Tolle wrote, Awareness is the greatest agent for change.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019
Bigger and faster is not always better. Some key players might not be able to keep up with your pace. However, if you dont have anyone to play with today, the game loses its fun. Tap into the perspective of your associates and find out what you need to do to motivate them to stay involved. Suspend your expectations and unspoken rules now. Reconsider how you can improve communication all the way around. When you inspire others to collaborate for a good cause, you can amp up the velocity together.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019
Your ambitious attitude is admirable, but you may miss out on making happy memories when you bury yourself in your work. Despite your aim to focus on your professional image, a partner or friend nudges you off path and tries to inject some spontaneity into your day. Even tireless professionals require a change of scenery now and then. If you lean into the experience, you might discover a nugget of wisdom that reinvigorates your ability to tackle the job that needs to get done. Loosen your grip a bit and watch the magic unfold.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019
The distant horizon lures you with promises of adventure. However, your home front puts some resistance in your path now. Fortunately, you can assuage both areas of your life by examining what each demands from you logistically. Reconfigure how to balance your domestic needs with the desire to be anywhere but home. Abstract thinking can feel dreamy, yet direct planning gets bills paid and travel tickets in your hand. Putting pen to paper demonstrates a commitment that unlocks what you seek.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Monday – July 08, 2019
Shyness is not on the menu today. You are determined to get your point across once and for all. Your advocacy leads you out of the shadows and directly into the spotlight now. When you express yourself from a place of authenticity, your words create an impressive impact. Your honesty and compassion elevate your status in the community. Benefactors and allies rally around your message and provide their support for your mission. Raise your voice and claim your power.


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