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Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020

Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020

Aries Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020
Something is stirring in your subconscious and your efforts to ignore it are likely futile. A notion that’s been swimming around in your mind lately is becoming stronger in order to get your attention. Open your mind to your intuitive thoughts and truly work to absorb their message now. Some knowledge cannot be learned from the real world, it must be felt by your soul. Create a quiet space where you can retreat and connect with your higher mind — it holds more answers than you know.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020
There’s tension between your personal values and those of a larger group today, which could make it difficult to make any progress at all. Perhaps there’s a topic you feel needs more debate, but the rest of the team would rather not rock the boat. Practice your classic Taurean patience and realize that there’s no hurry to find a solution. Just because it doesn’t come now doesn’t mean it won’t come at all. The energies will shift and the discussion will change, but until then, keep calm and carry on.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020
Be careful what you say and who you say it to today! You’d be wise to hold your tongue where authority figures are concerned. Though the Moon is in your communicative sign, its square to the Sun in your 10th House of Reputation could blow misunderstandings with those in charge way out of proportion. If you can’t put off an important discussion, at least take your time with it. What you say is only half the battle — how its perceived is the other half. Consider how your words will land on others’ ears before they leave your mouth.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020
Caring for yourself is an act of giving. You may feel like pulling back from the world today as the Moon moves through your 12th House of Isolation. Allowing your soul time to rest is a healthy choice when things start to feel a little too big or overwhelming. If you can’t retreat into solitude, you can still make yourself important by taking care of your own needs, even the simplest among them. Pausing for a deep breath or getting yourself a glass of water when you are thirsty can be very nurturing, particularly when done with intention. Take good care of yourself!

Leo Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020
Don’t ignore your skepticism today; you just may be on to something. It seems there’s something a bit mysterious happening within your circle of friends or a group you belong to. A deep truth may emerge that changes these social dynamics. Perhaps you’ll learn that two of your close friends have forged an intimate relationship or that another friend is keeping an important secret from you. Though you may have immediate feelings about this situation, give them some time to percolate. Everything isn’t what it seems now.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020
The things you think a relationship should be and what your relationships really look like right now may not be lining up. The Moon in your 10th House of Status squares off with the Sun in your 7th House of Partnerships today and reality could fall short of expectations. Or, you may be experiencing tension between your work life and your love life, with each demanding your undivided attention. Sure, you could try to make room for it all, but if you take a moment to consider what’s most important to you, you’ll know where to feed your energy.

Libra Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020
A part of your daily life appears to be expanding now and it may require a leap of faith to take it to the next level. If you’re feeling stifled in your work, breaking out of your day-to-day routine to learn something new could fuel you with the energy you need to make even bigger changes. You may be the only thing holding yourself back. Lean into learning and consider other perspectives that might broaden your future possibilities. Let your heart lead the way.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020
A project that once inspired you may be experiencing some growing pains now. There’s stress happening between your personal creative impulses and those of the collective and it may be time to rethink your motivations altogether. If you cannot have total creative control, is it worth it to you to be involved in this undertaking? There really is a lot you could learn from listening to others. You’ll be happiest if you stay focused on your vision but remain flexible and open with how you attain it.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020
A miscommunication with a relative or someone you live with could create tension on the home front today. As the Moon in Gemini and your 7th House of Relationships creates a stressful square to the Sun in your family sector, conversations close to home could feel tense. Have patience, dear Archer! Things will improve in time, and what you learn from this snafu can actually help you relate better in the future. Summon your compassion and your patience now — for others and for yourself.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020
You’re straightforward by nature, which helps you to have clear and concise conversations, yet may limit your overall growth. Let curiosity serve your clarity. Instead of taking things at face value, ask questions to confirm details and prevent miscommunications. The more you ask, the more you know. As the Moon lights up your 6th House of Health and Habits today, you may also have some nagging health concern on your mind. Be responsible and take the day to rest if you need it. It’s better to tackle a small problem now instead of a bigger problem later.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020
You’re a person who stands strongly by your values and today you have a chance to express them in a new way. You may find that some of these values are challenged now, inspiring you to convey your feelings with even more gusto. This isn’t about being stubborn and holding on tightly to old ways, though, it’s about finding fresh ways to express what’s always been important to you. Invite your beginners mind out to play and be open to whatever happens. When there’s meaning behind your message, it will certainly be powerful.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Monday – Mar 2, 2020
The image you show to the world may be a bit at odds with how you feel inside right now. The Moon in your 4th House of Roots is square the Sun in your 1st House of Self, reminding you that who you are today is a result of everything you’ve experienced in the past. Take comfort in the happy memories of days gone by and let them inspire good feelings in the present, but dont get stuck in the nostalgia — the future is forward.


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