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Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

Aries Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

You might suffer from a bit of brain fog in the morning. The temptation to sleep in will be real, as the Gemini moon shares a harsh square to hazy Neptune. Give yourself permission to take things easy throughout the day since it’s possible that your mind could use some downtime. Things will pick up this evening when the Gemini full moon manifests, which is sure to bring important conversations and news your way. Try not to close off right now since the discussions you have tonight are sure to lift your spirits, thanks to a helping hand from benevolent Jupiter.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

Venus, your ruling planet, goes retrograde today while forming an unbalanced aspect to the Gemini moon. While these vibes could feel a little tricky, the universe will want you to examine how what others say or think about you affects your self-worth. Tonight, the Gemini full moon manifests, giving you the opportunity to release any pain or trauma that’s affiliated with petty gossip or rumors. These sentiments apply to your participation in such matters but will allow you to evolve past such behaviors. Give yourself permission to move away from mean-spirited chatter once and for all, and you’ll notice that you care less what the haters are saying when your back is turned.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

Be careful who you share secrets with today, dear Gemini, as your ruling planet, Mercury, squares off with the healing asteroid, Chiron. If you confide in an untrustworthy source, these vibes could result in a harsh lesson around confiding in others. Tonight, the full moon manifests in your sign, showering you with a boost in confidence, energy, and popularity. You’ll also feel extra intuitive and connected to the universe, making it the perfect time to ask for blessings or guidance where you most need it. Since benevolent Jupiter will be active in the sector of your chart that rules spirituality, you can be sure that the other side will be eager to interact with you.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

The Gemini full moon manifests tonight, activating your solar twelfth house, which is sure to bring new information and secrets to the surface. Meanwhile, a harsh aspect between Mercury and the healing asteroid, Chiron, could hit you with some harsh and unexpected news. If you find that someone has betrayed your trust, you should use this lunar event as an opportunity to cut ties with this person for good. There’s a lot of potential to release behaviors, pain, trauma, or people that are no longer serving your highest self, though you’ll need to get comfortable with moving through such darkness in order to gain the light.

Leo Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

Your social media pages and online presence will be on fire today, dear Leo, as the Gemini full moon illuminates your eleventh house. Even if you’re not the most computer-savvy person in the world, your understanding and reliance upon tech will begin to click in new ways during this lunar event. Think about how you hope to grow over the next seven months, and then look for technological advances that can help bring you where you want to be. If you’re currently on the hunt for a new relationship, you should also spend some time perusing your favorite dating apps since a helping hand from Jupiter is sure to bring luck to your love life.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

You’re one of the hardest working members of the zodiac, dear Virgo, always willing to go above and beyond within your professional responsibilities and personal life. Whether you’re clocking extra hours at the office or spending all of your spare time catering to the needs of your family, there usually aren’t enough hours in the day to focus on yourself. As the Gemini full moon takes place tonight, themes around your work/home balance will be illuminated. If you’ve been spreading yourself too thin lately, it could catch up to you. Do yourself a favor and use this lunar event as an excuse to cater to your own needs for once.

Libra Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

Today will be an especially inspirational day for you, dear Libra, as the Gemini full moon shines a light on your philosophical mind. You’ll gain a clearer understanding of the world around you, with an innate ability to connect with the people around you. Your calming aura will act as a beacon of light for those around you that are in pain, though you’ll need to be careful no one tries to drag you down with them. Embrace only the people who wish to lift you, and avoid those that might seek ways to dim your ever-shining light.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

Think about how to invest within your home right now, dear Scorpio, especially if there are opportunities to gain or save money within your living situation. Jupiter, the planet of luck, will be activated by the Gemini full moon this evening, pushing you to grow your wealth on a domestic level. If you’ve been considering moving in with your partner, these vibes are especially helpful for taking that next step. However, you might want to push any actual moves until after Venus finishes her retrograde journey, which begins today and will end on January 28th. Starting a small business from out of your house will also work well with this cosmic climate, so go ahead and think about ways you can capitalize upon your favorite hobbies.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

The universe will be calling out to you today, dear Sagittarius, inspiring you to grab a partner and seek adventure. The Gemini full moon tonight will trigger a curiosity within you, though you won’t be in the mood to go alone in your quest for new knowledge and experiences. Keep in mind that your bond will grow with whoever you surround yourself with tonight, so choose wisely. If you’re hoping to grow a romantic relationship, these vibes are perfect for connecting you on an intellectual and emotional level. Feed your soul by using your mind and sharing your smarts with someone you care about.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

While alone time and privacy are vital to you, dear Capricorn, it’ll be important that you’re keeping an eye on your walls and not pushing away your family and friends. Venus, the planet of love, goes retrograde in your sign today, which could have you putting others at arm’s length without even realizing it. Pay special attention to your romantic relationships, and if you feel as though you’re drifting away from your partner, you’ll need to find ways to reconnect. Make it a point to openly and diplomatically express your feelings in the coming weeks, and avoid burying yourself in work to avoid such conversations.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

For as independent and unique you are, darling Aquarius, you also tend to mirror the expressions and behaviors of the people you surround yourself with. Tonight’s full moon in Gemini will accentuate these sentiments, asking you to separate your identity from that of your closest friends. Obviously, it’s totally natural that you should share some similarities to your besties, but you could potentially lose yourself in these dynamics if you don’t embrace an outlet that is strictly yours. Take some time to consider what hobbies, interests, or qualities set you aside from the rest, then take steps towards nurturing them.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Saturday – December 18, 2021

Try not to be too hard on yourself this morning, dear Pisces, as the Gemini moon shares a square to your ruling planet, Neptune. Self-awareness goes out the door under this cosmic current, which means how you’re judging yourself at the moment does not necessarily draw any significant realities to the truth of who you are. Your energy levels could take a hit this evening as the full moon manifests. Use this lunar event as an excuse to stay home and cozy up within your space, but be sure to find a creative or artistic outlet to help boost your self-esteem.


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