Daily Horoscope Sunday – Aug 11, 2019


Aries Daily Horoscope Sunday – Aug 11, 2019
Tune into your own voice. The urge to do what is right and useful indicates how much you care. Your expanded capacity to communicate amplifies your leadership qualities now. Let go of the need for approval or agreement when it comes to sharing what you want to create. Being overly judgmental of others can be an indicator of taking on too many responsibilities; lighten your load and release self-defeating thoughts. Questioning your worth is a waste of precious time. Its easy to be perfectly calm when you are not in doubt. Your intuition guides your natural authority.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Sunday – Aug 11, 2019
Discover the holy grail within. There is a point of stillness around which everything revolves. Instead of telling others what to believe, be the example they wish to follow. Your spiritual vision becomes crystal clear as you tap into the resources of your higher mind. Process the past and integrate it with the present to bring things to resolution and prepare you to move forward. Lead the way to the space of timeless oneness, and enjoy simply being yourself, uninhibited and unique. All you need to do is make the effort to learn. You are a diamond in the rough.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Sunday – Aug 11, 2019
Passion for partnership provides nourishment. Seeing the symbiotic nature of relationships inspires you to be generous to a fault now. Your sense of duty centers around sharing, both emotionally and physically. Maintain awareness of your core needs so you can be fully present with others without losing sight of your own aspirations. Toxic old tapes and entrenched emotional blocks are waiting to be transformed. Empowerment comes from remaining connected even when it is awkward or uncomfortable. Healing begets correction, and this creation is never-ending. You unify by increasing, and integrate by extending.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Sunday – Aug 11, 2019
Make no distinction between types of connections and explore all facets of what it means to be related. Whether a relationship is romantic, platonic, or professional, the highest approach is to engage with someone as though they are your best friend. The truth is it all comes back to how you choose to interact with your world. Be cognizant of the habit of doing what is socially expected instead of what your heart truly wants. Treating everyone with reverence, including yourself, offers you the winning advantage. Bargains are of the ego; giving is of the spirit.

Leo Daily Horoscope Sunday – Aug 11, 2019
Acknowledgment is an act of service. You are generously warmhearted and crave recognition for your contributions. Determine the source of your desire for affirmation; it might be a mask worn to cover feelings of unworthiness. Thankfully, when you speak to the best and brightest in others, you will see those brilliant qualities emerge in them. Give to your audience what you may feel you are not receiving now. Let people know that you see their efforts and support their dreams. Awareness of the wholeness of the community is your blessing. Be vigilant against doubt; your faith is an unlimited resource.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Sunday – Aug 11, 2019
Keep your heart open but your head clear. Admiration from others provides essential sustenance today. You can cultivate these good vibes by abandoning pretense and letting down your guard. The strongest emotional blocks originate from a sense of pride or an unwillingness to give something up. However, humility can be a superpower when you are quick to express your gratitude. Ameliorate potential tantrums and breakdowns by seeing the positive side of any situation and sustaining your natural love of life. Poet Sonya Teclai wrote, Our feelings are the products of our perceptions.

Libra Daily Horoscope Sunday – Aug 11, 2019
Make the unconscious conscious. Theres a need for security coupled with self-preservation now. Youre called to shed light on the status quo or to point out generational patterns people would rather not address. Be mindful of emotional enmeshment. To make relationships work, its important to attune to others and understand the core truth of the messages they are attempting to communicate today. Put your detective hat on and exercise your curiosity. Read between the lines and listen for what is unsaid. Drop the instinct to defend and offer a non-judgmental ear. Honesty cultivates trust; compassion inspires forgiveness.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Sunday – Aug 11, 2019
Communicating your message with a well-defined intention increases the chances of it being clearly heard. Training the mind is tantamount in expressing emotional maturity. Sarcasm hits harder than you might expect; be authentic and stick to straight talk. Connection is crucial, but you may mistake a simple conversation for a deeper experience. Every interaction need not be earth-shattering. Self-nurturance keeps your boundaries intact. Focus your intuition constructively. Fear induces separation, but healing proceeds from integration, which is a harmony of truth and acceptance. Vincent van Gogh said, What is done with love is done well.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Sunday – Aug 11, 2019
Raise your gaze from the mundane. Connecting harmoniously with nature is a gift to yourself. Feed your desire for new experiences and commit to going beyond your previous exploits. Deliberately channeling your flow of energy helps you to physically experience your feelings. Keep your body moving and certainty will reveal itself. Take responsibility for the results of your actions, and if you need to restore integrity, do it proactively. Existence without consistency means wavering and leaning. There’s no confusion when you are grounded because your head is in the game.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Sunday – Aug 11, 2019
You are what you declare yourself to be. How you show up on a day-to-day basis is a result of your self-generation. Luckily, you possess the unrelenting stamina needed to take initiative and be confidently assertive today. However, be mindful of desiring instant gratification; delaying immediate pleasure for long-term gain demonstrates admirable discipline. Embodying temperance inevitably changes your presentation and your behavior. Out in the world of ego, you mistakenly believe what you project. Ironically, sharing from a vulnerable place allows you to extend your heart in certainty. Your character is your word.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Sunday – Aug 11, 2019
Extend all your actions from the space of enlightenment. Compulsions and addictions are often masked bids for deeper connection. Before giving into temptation today, examine if your behavior reflects self-love or self-loathing. Concertedly look for any potential self-deception and release the fallacy of guilt. Trust your intuitive leanings; union begins within. Even without physical evidence, you know that what you seek is seeking you. Welcome reverence and eternal wisdom into your heart. The voice for truth is timeless and changeless.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Sunday – Aug 11, 2019
Recognizing the purpose for your life lights a fire in your belly. You are more than capable of facilitating social change for humanity and the planet. Unlike ones mission, which shifts based on circumstances, a souls purpose is geared for doing something with lasting meaning and always involves others. If you are unsure of your calling, whatever is in front of you today is an important clue. Listen to the needs of your community and align your actions with your emotional commitment. Novelist Alice Walker said, Activism is the rent we pay for living on this planet.

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