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Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

Aries Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

While this weekend was a socially active one for you, it might be wise to take some downtime this Sunday, as the moon makes its way into nurturing Cancer. This lunar placement will activate the sector of your chart that rules the home, asking you to relax and embrace domestic bliss. Just watch out for conflict tonight, as the moon enters a harsh t-square with Mercury and the healing asteroid, Chiron. It would be easy to stick your foot in your mouth right now, and others might feel as though your impulse speaking is quite insensitive. To avoid such unpleasantness, go ahead and unplug for the evening and focus on creating peace within solitude.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

If your emotions have felt a little pent-up lately, today is the day they could all come flooding to the surface, as the Cancer moon illuminates the sector of your chart that rules communication. You tend to put on a brave face most days, dear Taurus, but, right now, getting your feelings off your chest will hold more weight than maintaining your poker face. Remember that it’s okay to be vulnerable, but try to engage in your important conversations during the day. Things will tense up this evening as a series of unpleasant aspects manifest, which could result in more tears than resolutions.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

You might be tempted to show your love through gifts or monetary gestures today, as the Cancer moon opens your heart while activating the sector of your chart that rules money. It’s nice to buy gifts for your family and friends, though it’ll be important to remember that you don’t need to spend money in order to show that you care. You should also avoid comparing your finances to those of your more successful friends. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to keep up with the spending habits of others, especially this evening when the moon shares a harsh aspect to the healing asteroid, Chiron.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

The moon moves into your sign today, little Crab, helping you crawl out of any shell you might have placed yourself in over the past couple of days. While you’ll be feeling simultaneously energized and at peace, those around you might be more emotional than usual. Do your best to hold space for friends if they need a shoulder to cry on, but don’t feel bad about ending any conversations that drone on for too long. Things could get a little tense this evening, as a series of difficult aspects threatens to bring out the worst in others. Do yourself a favor and hunker down either alone or with your closest companion tonight, and avoid any hot topics of conversation.

Leo Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

The moon moves into watery Cancer this morning, putting you in a solitary mood as the sector of your chart that rules the subconscious is activated. You’ll feel more sensitive than you’re used to today, sweet Lion, prompting you to take stock of your emotions. Try not to run from your feelings, and, instead, lean into them with the intention of opening yourself to healing. Taking some time out to meditate or journal can help you smooth out any unresolved issues that have been lingering in your psyche, though you’ll need to be brave enough to face them head-on.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

Today’s Cancer moon will activate the sector of your chart that rules friendships, bringing healing to your soul through socialization. However, it’ll be important that you’re mindful of who you surround yourself with since these vibes are sure to make you more absorbent and psychically sensitive than usual. Avoid anyone who is prone to drama, as they’ll likely emotionally dump all of their problems on you, leaving you energetically depleted by the end of the day. Embracing your local arts scene or local businesses will also help lift your aura as you connect with your community. Just make sure to head home at a reasonable hour, as a t-square among the moon, Chiron, and Mercury will have you dreaming of zoning out on the couch this evening.

Libra Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

Don’t feel guilty about canceling plans today, dear Libra, as the Cancer moon shares an unbalanced aspect to Mars, the action planet. These vibes could take a toll on your motivation to get up and go, which means any social engagements that were scheduled for this day could seriously lose their appeal. With the workweek approaching quickly, give yourself permission to back away from your phone, plans, and domestic responsibilities in favor of some serious self-care. A long hike, stretch, or soak in the tub will do more for you than your friends or family can at the moment, so go ahead and soak up that R&R.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

Take note of your emotional, physical, and psychic boundaries today, little Scorpion, as the Cancer moon throws your intuition and empathic abilities into overdrive. As a water sign, you’re naturally sensitive to the energies and emotions that surround you. Though, today you’ll be especially absorbent. A meditation geared toward psychic protection can help you survive this cosmic climate, which will come in handy tonight when a series of planetary interactions brings tension to the collective. Avoid getting wrapped up in any conflicts or drama that don’t belong to you, and, if you start to feel as though the energy around you is too thick, draw yourself a bath or go for a quick walk around the block to clear your aura.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

As the moon travels through Cancer, the sector of your chart that rules transformation will be activated, inspiring you to make some personal changes. Pay attention to any people, situations, or behaviors that seem to be weighing you down or distracting you from reaching your goals right now, darling Archer, as the universe will want you to cut ties with these obstacles. Just remember to be patient and loving with yourself, and try not to beat yourself up if you’re not exactly where you would like to be on a personal or professional level. Nurture your mind, body, and soul, but promise to do better moving forward.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

Love will bring out your softer side today, darling Sea-goat, as the Cancer moon shines a light on the sector of your chart that rules matters of the heart. With Venus actively retrograde in your sign, you’ll need to learn how to release hurts from the past while growing from mistakes that you have made within previous relationships. Being vulnerable doesn’t always feel natural to you, but it’ll be worth noting that your relationships can’t grow and flourish unless you truly let your walls down. As evening rolls in, go ahead and take some time for yourself, but resolve to reconnect with the people you care about in the morning.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

Your love language will speak volumes today, darling Aquarius, as the Cancer moon inspires you to show others you care for them through nurturing actions and gestures. Taking care of the people who you adore most will bring a strong sense of fulfillment, though it’ll be important that you’re checking in with yourself as well. A series of difficult aspects will manifest in the cosmos this evening, making it the perfect time to step back from your friends and family in favor of some TLC directed towards yourself. Be sure to eat a healthy meal, do some stretching, and get to bed by an early hour to make the most of today’s healing energy.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Sunday – December 19, 2021

Your creative potential will be boundless today, dear Pisces, as the Cancer moon illuminates the sector of your chart that rules self-expression. You’re one of the most sensitive signs in the bunch, and, with Luna hanging out under a fellow water sign, you can bet that this quality will be amplified today. You’ll be full of emotions for better or worse, though channeling your feelings can be extremely therapeutic right now. Don’t bother trying to hold anything in, and instead, let it all flow through you by writing, painting, singing, or even dancing to the music of your big, beautiful heart.


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