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Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

Aries Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

Whether you’re comfortable expressing your feelings, and vulnerability when it comes to matters of love and romance, today’s astro-weather isn’t about to sugarcoat things, Aries. For instance, in addition to having Mercury dropping truth bombs in your sign, the messenger planet will link up with taskmaster Saturn, so it’s safe to say that you mean business. Sounds silly, but it’s a unique hybrid of your emotions for someone, combined with taking your next steps to seal the deal. Also, upon the moon’s debut in hypersensitive Cancer, the moon will meet with Venus in Pisces via your mystical twelfth house of secrets. Are you ready to unleash the floodgates?

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

You’ve got a lot on your mind but are still incredibly resistant to opening up, Taurus. And though you’re not the type to divulge your true feelings right away, today’s astrological aspects are equally as direct as they are sweet. Anyway, never say never; the stars could very well align for you and your special someone today. For instance, Mercury — via your secretive twelfth house of unconscious patterns — will harmonize with Saturn, making communication clear and concise. (Feel free to seek guidance and support from your mentors if needed.) And upon the moon’s shift into sensitive Cancer, Luna will meet with your planetary ruler, Venus. Serendipitous is an understatement.

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

Gemini, keep your eyes peeled. If you’ve been contemplating the validity of your connection and/or looking for answers with regards to a certain individual, a supportive sextile between your planetary ruler, Mercury, and taskmaster Saturn will likely present you with an opportunity to gain some clarity. You will, however, need to do some inquiring and research beforehand, especially those of you exploring the realm of online dating. Better to be safe than sorry, right? The good news is, upon the moon’s shift into sensitive Cancer, Luna will meet with luscious Venus, which, in turn, brings harmony to your romantic exchanges.

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

Cancer, the moon makes its monthly debut in your sign today, bringing emphasis to everything from your innermost feelings to your emotional stability. And though you’re already incredibly intuitive, the moon’s journey through your sign heightens your spidey senses, so pay attention to the red flags. Plotting the next steps to get your person? Don’t hesitate to ask questions, as today’s Mercury-Saturn sextile will ignite your bossy tenth house of authority and your intimate eighth house of mergers, shared resources, and soulmate connections. Not all conversations are comfortable or easy, but that doesn’t make them less necessary. Fortunately, the moon will harmonize with Venus, which helps ease the tension.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

Planning for the future, Leo? You may or may not be in a serious commitment at this time, but that doesn’t mean you’re not aware of your personal investments, which includes love and romance, of course. Single or taken, today’s charming sextile between Mercury — via your expansive ninth house of adventure — and serious Saturn (via your relationship sector) has everything to do with persevering towards the future and bringing more structure to your one-on-one commitments. The question is: are you and your cutie on the same page? On a brighter note, Luna will trine Venus, highlighting the emotional synergy — or lack thereof — that exists between the both of you.

Virgo Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

Are you ready to put in the work, Virgo? Who are we kidding? If there’s anyone in the world who can be tidy and resourceful, it’s you. Although, some of you could be at a crossroads concerning a romantic connection at this time, and it’s giving you no choice but to make a last-minute decision. Also, with your curious planetary ruler, Mercury, transiting through your intimate eighth house of mergers, taboo and perhaps even uncomfortable conversations are likely to resurface. In harmony with Saturn, there’s still room for you to sort out the details without beating around the bush. Be discerning.

Libra Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

Sounds like a lot to digest on the first date, but if you’re having differences when it comes to the idea of having kids, why even bother? Libra, you’re being called to prioritize your heart’s desires at this time, despite whether it’s serious or just a fling. This is especially true when considering Mercury’s sextile to Saturn — activating your relationship sector and your romantic fifth house of love — as you are communicating with honesty and integrity. If the topic isn’t surrounding your love language or children, then it’s simply you taking yourself and your desires more seriously. Good for you.

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

The only thing better than being a Scorpio, is being a Scorpio who has their sh*t together. Although considering all of your wins, this could be one of the many qualities your admirer(s) find so attractive. However, Mercury will link up with Saturn, which means you’re more prone to underestimating your potential and/or being hard on yourself. (Don’t do that.) Besides, upon the moon’s shift in intuitive Cancer — your ninth house of adventure — Luna will meet with seductive Venus in Pisces via your romantic fifth house of love, so a leap of faith for love could unexpectedly work in your favor. You’re the cat’s meow.

Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

If you’re not declaring your feelings to someone, it’s definitely vice versa, Sagittarius. There’s something being illuminated today, and it’s giving you a completely different perspective on things. Single? You may realize you have quite a few things in common with someone, while others of you focus on ways to explore the foundation of your love language. Themes surrounding your intimate connection to someone fill your head, and the moon’s sultry trine to Venus will only continue to fuel the fire. This is subliminal yet incredibly potent energy, so don’t doubt the intuitive hits you’re receiving at this time.

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

Things are getting pretty serious, and let’s face it, you wouldn’t have it any other way, Capricorn. For instance, if you’re not contemplating whether to create more room for a significant other in your life, then chances are you’re moving in with your honey. This is especially true when considering today’s sweet sextile between Mercury in your fourth house of home and innermost feelings and your taskmaster ruler, Saturn, via your second house of value systems. The best part? Upon the moon’s shift into Cancer and your relationship sector, Luna will meet with coquettish Venus in your communication sector. You have just the right amount of clarity and fantasy.

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

Your social platforms are buzzing with traction, and you’re making quite an impression on your peers, Aquarius. And while you’re likely staying on track with your spring festivities, your admirers can’t get enough of your dominating presence. This is especially true when considering today’s sweet sextile between Mercury (celestial ruler of your fifth house of fame, celebration, and romantic feelings) and serious Saturn in your sign. Truth is, you’ve made a name for yourself in the community, and you’re getting more attention than you planned for. How you harness this energy when it comes to love depends on the mood you’re in.

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope – April 7, 2022

Never underestimate your self-worth, Pisces. Whether you’re single or already romantically attached, you’re being called to prioritize your worth and break away from patterns of self-sabotage at this time. These unconscious barriers are likely limiting you in more ways than one, but for all you know, this could all be one big illusion. Nevertheless, after checking yourself and getting it together, a sweet trine between the moon in your fifth house of love and Venus in your sign is enough to adorn your day and romantic exchanges with romance and seduction.


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