Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 12, 2019


Aries Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 12, 2019
Where there is a will there is a way, especially with today’s astral configuration. Talking, smiling sweetly, being charming, and presenting your loved one with a gift you know will put them in the right mood is sure to bring romance back into your life again. If you have any doubts about a waning relationship, then today, with warmth and tenderness, these will be dispelled.

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 12, 2019
Although perhaps it is passion of a different kind, today’s astral energy means that you will have quite a lot to give in the romance department. There is a more earthy quality that translates your fantasies into reality. It is the fantasies that could bridge the gap and start the healing which needs to take place physically. Have a great day; your partner definitely will!

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 12, 2019
It’s one of those interesting seduction scenarios, which may become the catalyst for a friendship to deepen. The astral climate means that you have a great chance to become a little more acquainted with someone on a romantic basis. This could occur in the office environment, right in the middle of the daily routine, where you least expect it, but will also certainly be carried on at home later.

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 12, 2019
Sometimes love blossoms anew in an exotic or tropical environment, and new dimensions to the relationship are suddenly revealed. With today’s planetary energy, love develops in a new direction right at home in your usual environment, and it is all due to a little atmospheric creativity which makes the way for a night of fun and fantasy. Don’t skip on suitable props, as they are vital.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 12, 2019
You have a reputation for being a little emotionally detached, yet you also have a very earthy sense of passion. This comes to the fore today, when you experience a particularly close and deepening bond with the significant other in your life. The astral alignment means that you have a chance to create a very strong connection that will stabilize the relationship for some time to come.

Virgo Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 12, 2019
Partners are great fun to be with today, especially if you have been experiencing some particularly difficult highs and lows in other areas of your life. The planetary energy means that there is a very attentive and supportive influence between you. It brings you closer together, especially in a deeper caring and sharing way. This will have a powerful healing effect on both of you.

Libra Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 12, 2019
With today’s aspect at play, you have an interesting romantic proposition coming your way. Whatever else is going on in your life – and this could be much – it seems that you have the chance to relax in an atmosphere of attentive and warm seduction, with just the right kind of music, candles, food and everything else you could want. All you need do is enjoy!

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 12, 2019
There is an extra special feeling around today which is emphasized by the celestial alignment. This reveals that friendships, and also those relationships that haven’t quite reached the partnership stage, but may be slowly edging in this direction, are treading a fine and quite delicious line. How far you step over this is entirely up to you. At least you will have the chance to deepen significant connections.

Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 12, 2019
With today’s astral energy at play, you may find that things in the romance department seem to be very much connected with business or career issues. There is no hurry. If it’s going to get serious, it will do so at a leisurely pace. You won’t have an opportunity to speed up anything. However, there really is no need to rush, as slow can be just as much fun.

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 12, 2019
Today in the romance and love department, you will probably find that you are not so much relating on the purely physical level, but more on a spiritual and intellectual level. This brings up all kinds of ideas and discussions that bring you closer together, and bond you in ways that are very deep. The planetary energy helps create a very special and unforgettable occasion.

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 12, 2019
This day could become very interesting romantically. The alignment of the planets means that there is a way out of all the other tensions and diversions that you experience today. This is, to be honest, a day when passion and deep feelings expressed openly and honestly have a way of relaxing you all over, thus making you feel good about a whole host of other things.

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 12, 2019
Partners are exceptionally warm and attentive today, and so are you for that matter. With the current celestial configuration, there is very little you need to do to be “favorite of the month.” You simply have to be yourself, and decide not to criticize others, but flatter instead. There is a great deal of warmth and genuine openness today, which really cements any developing relationship.

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