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Aries- 2022 February Monthly Love Horoscope

You are laser focused on what you want and how to get it as aggressive Mars moves with Capricorn’s determined energy this month. Although you’d like to believe that love is all sunshine and rainbows, this partnership brings strong evidence to the contrary. Love is hard work, Aries, but you’re up for its challenges.

An Aquarius new moon on the first radiates freedom-seeking vibes, so you’ll be looking to spend a lot of your time solo during this independent lunation. If you’re in a committed relationship, hopefully your partner will be understanding. If you’re single, enjoy every minute of it.

Valentine’s Day arrives on Feb. 14, and with decisive Pallas moving into your powerful sign on the same day, very little is left to chance. You either do or you don’t—there’s no faking it either way. The object of your affection will know how you feel about them without a doubt!

The sun leaves logical Aquarius for emotional water sign Pisces on the eighteenth, so try to prepare yourself. Feelings come gushing out of you as if from an unstoppable internal spring. Emoting like this is very unlike you, but showing your sensitive side just might work in your favor.

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