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Aquarius – 2022 February Monthly Love Horoscope

It’s time to open up your mind, and do some romantic experimentation with a new moon in your witty, objective sign on Feb. 1. With this independent lunation, you’re free to explore different types of relationships and find one that works for you. If you’re already committed to someone, it might be time to change things up (together).

Juno, the asteroid linked to commitment, is also paired with your futuristic sign starting on that same day, which should open new doors even further. The past is gone, and the present is probably boring, so why not look ahead in order to see what’s to come? It’s not that you aren’t satisfied with what’s happening right now, Aquarius, but you just have a feeling that there’s so much more out there.

A trine between powerfully intense Mars and your offbeat ruler Uranus attracts new people to you on the eighth, which is great if you’re single and looking. Brainstorming and exchanging ideas with someone new is beyond exciting. If you already have a lover, share your weirdest, most out-there thoughts with each other.

Valentine’s Day is just another day this year, but the full moon in charming Leo on Feb. 16 is when you’ll really be feeling yourself. This is the day you’ll feel like celebrating romance this month!

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