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Pisces – 2022 February Monthly Love Horoscope

You enter February dreaming of the perfect lover, relationship, or steamy romance, as your idealistic ruler Neptune floats along happily with your imaginative sign. This whole month is great to express your feelings creatively and trust your intuition when it comes to matters of the heart.

You have a mental breakthrough when quick-thinking Mercury gets back on track, and goes direct while in sturdy Capricorn, on Feb. 3. For the next few weeks, you’re able to focus improving all aspects of your love life. This is an excellent time to sign papers, read over legal documents, and write things down that you want to remember.

You’re always a sucker for Valentine’s Day, so, when it arrives on the fourteenth, you embrace it as a special day whether you’re single or involved with someone. Receiving love letters, flowers, candy, and other romantic gifts makes you feel special and extremely loved, and you happily reciprocate, giving the same tokens to special people in your life.

The sun starts soaking up the sensitive energy of your introverted sign on Feb. 18, so you won’t be too eager to share your emotions in the coming month. A current partner or lover who already knows you well might be able to break down your emotional barriers, but, if you’re just getting to know someone, you’re anything but an open book. Make them earn your trust, Pisces.

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