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Gemini – 2022 February Monthly Love Horoscope

The new moon in innovative Aquarius on Feb. 1 inspires you to plant some new love seeds. This totally unique lunation encourages you to be independent, individual, and maybe even a bit rebellious in your search for romance. Try doing something you’ve never done before to get results that are different from those you’ve experienced.

A sun-Saturn meetup in airy Aquarius on the fourth encourages you to express how you truly feel rather than stand on the sidelines and wait for the people you care about to guess. Passive behavior now leads to sadness, feeling dejected, and just a whole bunch of other things that you can avoid by sticking up for yourself and your feelings.

You’re called on to take actions that soothe you during the trip of asteroid Ceres through your mentally alert sign on Feb. 9, meaning you get a lot of comfort via communication. If you’re going through a breakup or experiencing unrequited love, posting about it on social media might make you feel better. If you’re totally in love, Gemini, tell your partner every chance you get.

The fourteenth is Valentine’s Day and the day decisive asteroid Pallas partners with passionate Aries, giving you the confidence to move in whichever direction you choose. If you’re on the right path, it will be obvious.

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