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Cancer – 2022 February Monthly Love Horoscope

With the moon as your emotional ruler, you get a nice boost from the revolutionary new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 1. This lunation is filled with hope for the future, as you explore new ways to love and be loved. Things aren’t exactly normal, Cancer, but you don’t mind the weirdness now.

You’ll get a chance to gather your thoughts when mentally agile Mercury goes direct in practical Capricorn on the third, which is a true relief if you’ve been confused about what a current or potential lover has been telling you. Luckily, this is your chance to have it all make sense.

A full moon in charismatic Leo arrives on Feb. 16, throwing a lot of attention your way. You have an extremely seductive aura now, so don’t be surprised when you attract significant romantic interest. Your favorite thing to do on a date is play board games or sing karaoke.

Get ready for an emotional ride starting when the sun leaves logical Aquarius for more sensitive water sign Pisces on the eighteenth. For the coming month, you’re willing to sacrifice it all in the name of love, which can bring you to the highest romantic highs or drop you down to your lowest romantic lows.

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