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Virgo – 2022 February Monthly Love Horoscope

If you’re feeling restless at the start of the month, commitment-focused asteroid Juno pairing with freedom-loving air sign Aquarius on Feb. 1 might have a little something to do with it. Even Virgos in the happiest of relationships might be wondering what else is out there for you, and now you have the experimental attitude to go find out.

Your free-thinking ruler Mercury regains its power as it leaves its first retrograde cycle of the year accompanied by fellow earth sign Capricorn on the third, and you’re happy to get back to easygoing methods of communication that make sense. Your texts to your partner or crush don’t have to be long and drawn out now. The more direct the better.

Words become even more important when caring asteroid Ceres links up with talkative Gemini on Feb. 9, and now they’re used as a way to nurture your personal relationships. Saying kind words to your partner lets them know the things that your actions might not convey. Texting a sweet compliment to your crush might finally win them over.

Valentine’s Day arrives on the fourteenth, as always, and if you need some help making up your mind, Pallas moving into aggressive Aries is the gift you never knew you wanted. There’s no indecision here, Virgo. This confident energy ensures that you won’t be spending this famous day for lovers second-guessing yourself!

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