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Sagittarius – 2022 February Monthly Love Horoscope

You’re in tune with the mystical, spiritual side of love as your all-embracing leader Jupiter spends the month with psychic dreamer Pisces. You’ll find yourself swimming in pretty deep waters now, and, the more you flail, the harder it is to stay afloat. Peaceful acceptance is a love goal of this gentle pairing.

Communicator Mercury goes direct while in the Sea Goat’s determined sign on Feb. 3, helping you to use practical, efficient words and terms when trying to convey your point. You’re looking for people who value and respect your time now, so any latecomers—or no-shows—get a solid thumbs down from you.

The fourteenth brings Valentine’s Day as well as a Pallas transfer of power from gentle, reclusive Pisces to outgoing, aggressive Aries. As a result, any love-related decisions are made quickly and without hesitation. Even if you find out you made the wrong choice after the fact, Sagittarius, you’ll still probably stand by your actions.

A Jupiter-Uranus sextile on Feb. 17 advises you to expand your horizons, and the sun enters dreamy Pisces the next day to help you envision what could be. In a world where nothing is certain, what’s wrong with daydreaming about true love and wondering if you’ll live happily ever after one day?

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