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Pisces -Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

From January 14 to 25, Mercury’s regressive turn is occurring, at first, in your twelfth place of otherworldliness, which can have you truly swimming in your fantasies, instinct, and oblivious. You might be constrained to return to a troublesome subject you and your specialist sidelined some time back or you could be journaling about extreme, clear dreams that are highlighting an unhealed injury. In any case, focusing on your self-work and mending can be a great method for benefiting as much as possible from this travel. Also once it moves once more into your 11th place of systems administration, your center could move to group projects that need modifying, acquiring lucidity around long haul wishes, and reconnecting with companions and associates from an earlier time who are making an appearance for you now in manners you may have never speculated.

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