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Leo -Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

With the retrograde occurring in your seventh place of organization from January 14 to 25, your spotlight will especially be on who you conform to in affection, business, and kinship. In addition to the fact that you have a chance to return to the planning phase on one-on-one activities that might’ve been sidelined, yet you’ll acquire lucidity around the bonds you feel are generally helpful for your very own objectives and understanding issues on which you’re willing to make a trade off to get in total agreement. And keeping in mind that Mercury moves once more into your 6th place of every day schedule and wellbeing from the 25th to February 3, smoothing out your current — possibly wild — timetable will be an absolute necessity. You’ll observe that the more you say “no” to responsibilities that aren’t in accordance with your 10,000 foot view objectives, the more fruitful, focused, and centered you’ll be.

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