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Libra -Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

Like you haven’t as of now been prodded to think about your adoration life, because of your ruler, Venus, retrograde since December 19! Presently, Mercury will go in reverse through your fifth place of sentiment and self-articulation from January 14 to 25, prodding much more reflection on what you ask for from your best connections — current or ideal — and creative ventures. Also this period can be more enjoyable than you may understand, on the grounds that, as the inquisitive joke artist planet, Mercury loves immediacy. So insofar as you’re available to taking the path of least resistance — which you in all actuality do will more often than not be, as an air sign — this could be a paramount and fulfilling second for your affection life and imaginative pursuits. Furthermore from the 25th to February 3, Mercury will uphold through your fourth place of home life, requiring self-work around your feeling that all is well with the world — and what you might have the option to do another way to support it.

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