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Full Moon in Capricorn Horoscopes – July 13, 2022

Full Moon in Capricorn  Horoscopes – July 13, 2022

Anyone born with astrological placements in earth sign Capricorn is best known for putting their nose to the grindstone and projecting an air of having everything under control. That M.O. is owed to the sign’s ruler, Saturn, the taskmaster planet. But underlying that tough exterior is, well, a whole lot of emotion — and often, stress — which is bound to boil to the surface whenever a stoic Cap is struggling to prioritize their inner life as much as their public one.

That’s certainly something to bear in mind as the Sea Goat’s annual full moon rolls in on Wednesday, July 13 at 2:37 p.m. ET/11:37 a.m. PT. In addition to being an opportunity to acknowledge and process heavy, potentially back burnered feelings, this lunar event could fuel lightbulb moments.

Full moons — which happen when the confident sun exactly opposes the intuitive moon — always present a monthly opportunity to wrap up projects you started six months or even two weeks prior. They’re culmination points, breaking points, and a chance to release anything that’s no longer serving you. And with this month’s full moon falling in pragmatic, driven, hardworking Capricorn, you could feel particularly motivated to create a step-by-step game plan for closing one chapter before beginning a new one.

And given the emotional nature of a full moon, paired with Saturn’s assiduous influence, you might also be inspired to dive into the more challenging kinds of self-care — tougher workouts, more intensive therapy — or just starting it altogether, a stronger commitment to meditation or journaling — as a way to move through whatever feelings are coming up for you now.

It also bears noting that Cap is one of the cardinal signs — the initiators of the zodiac — so although you might be at the tail-end of a particular project, relationship, or experience, there’s sure to be a sense of excitement about getting into whatever’s next

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