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Gemini 2020 April Monthly Love Horoscope

Gemini 2020 April Monthly Love Horoscope

MONTH OF APR 2020: Your love life is more flexible and free-flowing when romantic Venus enters your airy sign on April 3. For the next couple of weeks, you’re ready to explore new possibilities and consider people and situations you haven’t before.

A conjunction between your ruler Mercury and imaginative Neptune, also on the third, heightens your intuition, so you’re able to make a lot of romantic decisions based on gut feeling and instinct. Don’t second-guess yourself now, Gemini. Doing so will only slow you down.

Mercury enters determined Aries on April 10, encouraging you to be more assertive when it comes to your wants and needs. Remember, though, when you’re dating or in a relationship, there are someone else’s feelings to consider. And remember to listen as much as you talk.

Mercury moves on into the stable sign of Taurus on the twenty-seventh, changing the communication dynamic pretty drastically. You still have your own agenda, but you’re much more patient now. If you’re single, take your time getting to know new people. Building a solid foundation is more important than rushing into things.


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