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Capricorn – 2022 July Monthly Love Horoscope

Love isn’t all fun and games early this month as an unfortunate square forms between aggressive Mercury in Aries and deep Pluto in your cynical sign on July 1. Once you get in a bad mood during this aspect, you tend to stay in it, and it doesn’t take much to get you there. Good luck to a current or potential partner who tries to tell you to lighten up a little.

Things start to look up during the Mercury-Saturn trine on the second, especially when you realize something related to a current or potential relationship you’ve been working on for a while is finally coming to fruition.

Today’s results aren’t because of a fanciful wish or blind luck, though. You worked hard to make this happen, Cap, so you should be really proud of yourself.

A full moon in your demanding, perfectionist sign arrives on July 13, giving you the chance to let go of some bad romantic habits that have been holding you back. If you want a better future, you have to be willing to let go of the past. Freeing yourself from the things that no longer work for you isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it during this determined lunar energy.

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