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Pisces – 2022 July Monthly Love Horoscope

If you’re a typical Pisces, you’re the painfully shy type, and during the stressful square between communicative Mercury in Gemini and Neptune in your introverted sign on July 2, things go from bad to worse. Your awkwardness when communicating with someone you really like (or love) is obvious, and a simple apology might not make up for it.

You might be feeling a sense of regret when asteroid Vesta goes retrograde in your idealistic sign on the seventh, especially when you become wistful about a past lover or relationship. Things always look better in hindsight, Pisces, so try not to beat yourself up over something you can’t change.

On July 17, an optimistic sun-Neptune trine lifts your spirits and gives you visions of some very good things to come. Your dreams have special insight into your love life now, so pay attention to what they might be trying to reveal. And trust your instincts during this illuminating aspect. Your feelings are spot-on now.

Another planetary entity, fair-minded Juno, goes retrograde while also paired with your sensitive sign on July 25, causing you to ponder equality in your relationships. If you don’t feel like you’re in a true partnership, examine why. If you’re single, you’ll be looking for someone who won’t take advantage of you or your kindness.

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