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Gemini – 2022 July Monthly Love Horoscope

With your talkative planetary guru Mercury in your chatty sign to start the month, you love to go on about anything and everything, although you just might be your favorite topic of conversation. Remember that listening is just as important as talking, especially in an intimate setting.

On July 4, Mercury moves into sensitive Cancer, changing the mood and making you a lot more sensitive to other people’s comments. You can pretend to have a tough outer shell, but your feelings still get hurt. Deep down, you just want to be loved like everyone else.

On that same day, the productive asteroid Pallas moves into your charming, witty sign, giving you the notion that all romantic problem can be solved if you’re just willing to try hard enough. Some things can’t be forced, Gemini. Do what you can to make things work out in your favor, but accept defeat graciously.

On the nineteenth, communicative Mercury leaves sensitive Cancer for fiery Leo, giving you the go-ahead to put it all out there. You gain a lot of attention when you open up and tell it like it is, and your outgoing personality is a turn-on for the right person. Your ability to flirt now is topnotch. Go get ’em, tiger!

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