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Aries – 2022 June Monthly Love Horoscope

You’ve got some serious love goals in mind this month, and with your assertive home planet Mars and fateful Jupiter both inhaling the flames of your fiery sign this month, you’re determined to accomplish whatever you set out to do. Stay focused.

You should circle June 3 on your calendar, because as communicative Mercury heads direct in attentive Taurus, it’s a lot easier to pay attention to what a current or potential partner is talking to you about. The next three weeks are also an ideal time to try to make up for any unfortunate misunderstandings caused by this past Mercury retrograde cycle.

Kindred fire sign Sagittarius hosts the fun-filled full moon on the fourteenth, which makes you want to trade in your responsibilities for a more exciting, stress-free lifestyle. If you’re single, go for it! If you have a partner and/or family, however, your full moon adventures might have to be slightly tamer this time around.

The confident sun has been soaking up Gemini’s airy rays all month but there’s a shift into sensitive, protective Cancer on June 21. You’ll go to great lengths to create a feeling of security for loved ones now, Aries. If you’re single, you’ll be looking for someone who’s more into monogamy than promiscuity. At least for now.

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