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Capricorn – 2022 June Monthly Love Horoscope

Your wheels are spinning while your powerhouse leader Saturn spends time with outside-the-box thinker Aquarius early this month, but as Saturn turns retrograde on June 4, you’ll want to dial things back and contemplate your long-term plans a little more carefully. While your love life might not be your number one priority in the months ahead, it’s still an important consideration.

This month, mysterious Pluto is spending time with your determined, disciplined sign, which should help you get to the bottom of some relationship issues you’ve been avoiding or haven’t been able to figure out. With this refreshing energy surrounding you, you’re able to get to the heart of the matter without breaking down emotionally.

On the thirteenth, a wise Mercury-Gemini partnership gifts you the amazing ability to talk to anyone about anything. Like, honestly, where are you coming up with this stuff, Cap?! Your conversations cover a wide range of topics, but you’re somehow able to come across as an expert in almost anything. Playing a trivia game or 20 Questions is a great date idea during this fun-loving, casual and smart transit.

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