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Pisces – 2022 June Monthly Love Horoscope

Your fantasies are vivid this month as your hazy ruler Neptune drifts through your dreamy sign. Your imagination conjures up all kinds of creative romantic scenarios that might not be real, but they feel like they are to you. There’s nothing wrong with using your optimistic subconscious as a tool of distraction when things aren’t going your way.

Big, serious Saturn enters retrograde while paired with radical Aquarius on June 4, which could cause some chaotic thoughts and confusion. There’s really nothing to worry about, however, because you won’t be asked to act on any of these thoughts for quite some time, if at all. Use this as a period of reflection for what could be if you decide you want to put in the work to make some positive changes someday.

A full moon in knowledge-seeking Sagittarius arrives on the fourteenth, intensifying your attraction to a teacher, tutor, professor, DIY celebrity or any person in any kind of teaching role. If you’re already with someone wilder or wiser than you, this lunar energy makes you appreciate them even more.

Neptune goes retrograde while still in your reflective, psychic sign on June 28, giving you a chance to see things the way they actually are for a change. Now that your eyes are open wide, Pisces, don’t shy away from the truth. It can set you free.

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