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Taurus – 2022 June Monthly Love Horoscope

Love is patient and kind as your lovely leader Venus spends time in your gentle, grounded earth sign this month. If you have a current partner or are getting to know someone new, they should see you as steady and supportive now. You give off those reliable vibes that stable people are attracted to during this steady transit.

Quick-witted Mercury is traveling with your musical sign as it goes direct on June 3, so you’ll be able to use your melodic voice to make a good impression on someone you really like. Leave your crush a sexy voice message, or sing your current partner a song that’s meaningful to you both. Your voice is a major tool of seduction now, Taurus, so use it to your advantage in every way possible.

On the tenth, the Universe sends you an exciting Mercury-Uranus meetup in your materialistic sign that might deliver some unexpected news related to money or travel. While this news isn’t what you expected or could possibly have predicted, it can work in favor of your love life if you keep an open mind.

And you lighten up quite a bit when your romantic leader Venus leaves your uptight sign for airy Gemini on June 22. You’re more fun, flirtatious and social now, which looks really good on you. Enjoy yourself and go wherever the moment takes you.

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