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Sagittarius – 2022 June Monthly Love Horoscope

The universal matchup of your lucky ruling planet Jupiter and fast-paced Aries means things happen quickly this month, Sag. You don’t have a lot of time to think about your love life or make decisions because things just kind of happen. And maybe it’s better that way. It’s certainly exciting.

Major power player Saturn goes retrograde on June 4 while accompanied by rebel Aquarius, which puts you on an innovative, experimental path. Once you start to question why things are the way they are, you might decide you’re on the wrong path and want to make some changes. If you’re happy with your status, go ahead and keep on doing things the way you always have. Just know that future growth will be limited.

On the fourteenth, there’s a big full moon in your fun-loving adventurous sign that puts you in the mood to just party and have a good time. First dates or time spent with a current partner should be spontaneous and maybe even a bit daring. Having fun in public is tame compared to what goes on behind closed doors during this unpredictable lunar energy!

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