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Libra – Jupiter Retrograde Horoscope

Libra: You can be driven by a strong need to maintain order. Even if it consumes your energy and prevents you from progressing, you may feel under pressure to save reputation and be friendly with others. By forcing you to sever ties with those who are stifling you, this backspin will confront your tremendous yearning for harmony. Look at your external attachments with a critical eye.

You have many standards when it comes to people that you’re in business with and in commitments with. The catch is that they may not be as honest and transparent as you would like. All the frustration will end with you opting out of some opportunities in order to maintain a moral high ground. Before making any commitments or signing documents, ask a third party for their advice on the matter. This will help to guide you along your journey and give you the opportunity to understand what’s in store.

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