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Libra 2020 February Monthly Horoscope

Libra 2020 February Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF FEB 2020: Your loving home planet Venus moves into aggressive Aries on February 7, causing you to be more selfish than usual. You’re more focused on your own needs now, and you might become angry when you don’t get your way. This isn’t typical of you, Libra, so close friends and colleagues will wonder what’s up.

A subtle Capricorn moon arrives on the eighteenth, allowing you to regain your composure and get serious about your life and the projects you’re working on. Future goals come into focus easily, and you shouldn’t have a problem figuring out a way to be successful in whatever you choose to pursue.

The bright sun moves into Pisces on the same day, bringing an excellent time for forgiveness and healing. Are you still hanging on to a past hurt, Libra? It’s time to let it go so you can live your best life. It’s hard to move forward when you’re constantly looking over your shoulder rehashing old hurts and regrets.

February 25 brings a happy sun-Mercury conjunction in bright Pisces, putting the focus on fast, unemotional interactions. This isn’t exactly the Fish’s specialty, so it will be important to rely on your intuition when you aren’t sure. Expect a lot of jokes and innuendo to go right over your head now.


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