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Taurus – 2022 March Monthly Love Horoscope

There’s a hopeful, romantic feeling in the air at the start of the month thanks to the influence of the gentle Pisces sun. Your dreams are excellent matchmakers and problem solvers, Taurus, so pay attention to the subtle clues left by your subconscious at night.

With your romantic ruler Venus traveling through serious Capricorn when it meets up with transformational Pluto on March 3, you can grow in some very helpful ways. You might have to take responsibility for past actions before moving into the future, which can be intimidating, but the universe says you’re ready to face what you need to face.

When love goddess Venus enters Aquarius, the great networker of the zodiac, on the fifth, single Bulls can use your extensive contacts to help find someone you connect with. During this time, you don’t have to look for immediate chemistry; romance can easily grow from friendship now. For committed Bulls, focus on the platonic aspect of your relationship.

March 14 delivers a Venus-Ceres trine, increasing your desire to be cared for, taken care of, and loved. If single, you have the ability to put up a good “no, I’m fine on my own” front, but deep down you’re looking for a true long-term partner. If committed to someone, you might be a bittclingy. However, you give as good as you get.

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