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Gemini – 2022 March Monthly Love Horoscope

You’re feeling flirty and sassy with your quick-witted ruler Mercury paired up with kindred air sign Aquarius early this month. A Mercury-Saturn conjunction on March 2, however, brings some more businesslike issues to the table. Try not to get distracted when it’s clear the situation calls for your undivided attention.

Mercury soon leaves friendly Aquarius to join the sun in shy Pisces on the ninth, but there is a gentleness that combines with this introverted energy to make you very approachable and receptive to other people’s advances. Try not to be naïve about certain requests or propositions; you want to give people the benefit of the doubt now, but your intuition is dead-on.

March 14 puts a Mercury-Ceres square in front of you to deal with before you can make any forward emotional progress. You might now be dealing with a conflict of interest with a current or potential partner that has you feeling off-balance and confused. Use words to soothe instead of alienate, Gemini.

You regain some of your confidence as the sun leaves timid Pisces for spontaneous fire sign Aries on the twentieth, but your new loud, outgoing attitude could be a turnoff for some. No one is asking you to deny your needs, but how about reaching a compromise? After all, love is supposed to be a two-way street, right?

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