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Cancer – 2022 March Monthly Love Horoscope

A new moon in sensitive Pisces on March 2 makes you want to take a dip in the pool of sentimentality, but staying too long isn’t a good idea. There’s nothing wrong with reflecting on past relationships, Cancer, but moving on should be your focus during this lunation.

Your thoughts remain firmly rooted in emotion as communicative Mercury leaves airy Aquarius for illusory Pisces on the ninth, leading you to some extremely intuitive realizations. Answers to your relationship questions or a description of your soul mate might appear in dreams now. Pay close attention to subconscious messages.

There are strong organizational vibes when your emotional leader moon is full in practical earth sign Virgo on March 18, and suddenly it’s a lot easier to let go of the things—both physical and emotional—that you’ve been clinging too tightly to.

You get a boost of confidence as the sun leaves tranquil Pisces for strong fire sign Aries on the twentieth, making this an excellent time to conquer your love-related demons. You act without thinking now, which can have varying effects. It’s probably too late to apologize for any harm you’ve caused under this aggressive transit, though, so just own your mistakes and keep moving forward.

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